Creating the manual

I think our manual deserves to have it's own story on the blogs too. 

One of the main things we wanted in our own car, was to have a manual that no-one has seen in RC cars before.

As you guys, who have been playing with these toy cars for longer know, the kit cars usually have a manual that shows how to build the car, and some manufacturers might even have some tips about setups there. But when you start to add electronics and stuff, things get harder.

We wanted to make a manual, that actually shows you how to install and tune the electronics in your car. So when you read the manual and build the car with it step-by-step, you don't need to know much about anything, as long as you can read and look the pictures, you will succeed in building a working car and calibrate it.

Most beginners are afraid of building the kit car, since it seems so complicated with many parts and accessories involved. on the other hand, it is really awarding to build the car yourself and with this manual, everyone can do it. We promise.

Quote from our Father & Son first time testers:

Assembling the car with the help of the manual is like building a complicated Lego model.

And what is even more important: When you build the car, you have also learned how to fix and maintain it in the future too!

So no more asking stuff from your local track or friend's friend who has had a car in the 90's. You just check the manual and get the car running! Pretty cool, ain't it? :) 

We build about 5 cars while we made the manual and our customers build 5 more prototypes with the manuals, before it was ready. So we do have faith on it to be one of the best, if not the best manual for RC car out there. If nothing else, it sure is the best manual for Escape Buchanan out there! :D

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