Why Escape

The Escape assembly kits are intended for people who are looking for finished design in cars. The Escape car kit includes everything you need to finish the assembly of the car and go for a drive. The components have been chosen with an eye on quality and performance while keeping the price reasonable for a hobbyist. The Escape kit beats the other Ready-to-Run/Race kits with the high quality of the whole package. The components of our car kits are chosen carefully and when testing them, we’ve worked closely with the manufacturers to ensure component quality and availability. All Escape kits have been tested by experienced drivers with different driving habits as well as by hobbyists. We’ve made changes to the kits based on the feedback we’ve received in order to better answer to the needs of the different drivers.

We’ve used a race car for the basis of the kit in order to ensure the materials and mechanics are all of the highest quality. The well-designed and high-quality chassis provides a basis on which we have added Hobbywing’s motor and speed controller. In addition to these, the kit has a strong metal-gear steering servo manufactured by Highest, guaranteeing impeccable steering. We’ve chosen Sanwa’s radio equipment for the kits because they are guaranteed to function interference-free and have decent range. We can proudly confirm using the high-quality components from these particular manufacturers in our Escape kits.

The Escape kits differ from the other car kits designed by other manufacturers in two respects. Firstly, the Escape kits are compiled from separately sold components. This way we’ve been able to compile a kit without sacrificing quality. Car kits from other manufacturers are often designed with a price tag in mind. Due to design costs in such cases, the manufacturers have to use OEM products for the electrical components which are all from the same brand. This means that product development and software updates are not available and the original manufacturers are not known. Secondly, the Escape kits are delivered partly (around 80%) assembled. The Escape kits are designed for hobbyists who demand a high-quality kit with carefully chosen components. As the kit is delivered partly assembled, the hobbyist can finish the assembly with the help of the manual. This way, the hobbyist can get familiar with some of the assembly principles and RC car basics with no requirement for previous experience. It’s easier to get into the hobby when you get familiar with the basics right from the start.

As we compiled the kit, we chose components so that the hobbyist wouldn’t have to upgrade them. The kits have been compiled from different production models by different manufacturers. This way the kits are guaranteed to have up-to-date and best possible quality at the time of assembly as well as product support by manufacturers. We’ve all been following the industry for several decades and we believe that our kits have the best price-quality ratio.

The kits have been compiled using electric components from well-known manufacturers such as:

Hobbywing = Speed controllers and motors

Highest And Savöx = top-quality servos

Sanwa = high-quality radio equipment

Halko = high-quality batteries for hobbyist use