Konsta tried out Buchanan's racing abilities.

Our Team Driver, Konsta Saarinen tested Buchanan at Finnish Short Course winter series with pretty good results. :) . Race was held in Vaasa and it was driven in an indoor track. Here's he's report from the race: 

First Short Course Winter Cup race for me this winter was couple weeks ago at Vaasa. I wasn’t able to be racing in first race due to the clash with Euro Offroad Series race in Poland. This was first time after summer when I was driving short course and I was a bit out of pace on friday’s practice day. I usually run 1:10 cars so it was hard to find right driving style for short course.  

Saturday was racing day and I was able to be top seed right front on Ilmari Ullakko. At this point I knew that the qualifying would be close because we were racing on Ilmari’s home track. Luckily I was able to be TQ after three rounds of qualifying. Our schedule allowed us to run five final rounds and three best scores will be counted. Two first mains were good for me. I keeped my rubbers on the track and got two wins with a big margin. Third main was closer. I made small mistake in the start and I had close fight with Ilmari. But again I just keep my lines tight and Ilmari couldn’t pass me and I got the win. After three wins under my belt I win the race. This let me do some big setup changes for the last two mains and my EscapeRC car was getting faster and faster.

Overall it was a good day of racing and I’m gonna take a part for upcoming short course races. Thanks to EscapeRC for this opportunity to try something new. Hobbywing powered Buchanan car was on point all over the race.






Here's top10 results from 4WD class:

1   Konsta Saarinen
2   Ilmari Ullakko
3   Janek Pähn
4   Jon Lotila
5   Urmas Peräsalo
6   Kalle Järvinen
7   mikael rajala
8   Jani Kanerva
9   Tero Piipponen
10   vesa erkkilä


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