Testing electronics

Electronics. For what we think, the most important thing in RC car are electronics, that won't let you down even in the hardest conditions.


Way too many times, RTR cars come with just a little bit too low quality (read: cheap) electronics. Rough control on handling, Burning ESC, really short battery life or poor range radio signal can really just kill all the fun in the hobby before it even started. Even if the chassis itself would be a good one. 

From day one, it was obvious for us, that we will make no short cuts with the electronics and will test them enough to be sure that there will not be surprises even under extreme conditions. So we tested and we tested, and then we tested some more. 

One of the main aspects was, that the handling of the car must be top quality and race ready, but still we wanted to keep the electrics as simple as possible, and waterproof for all the bashers out there. 

From the start, it was obvious that we would go with Hobbywing ESC and Motor, since have worked together with them for over 8 years while actively testing all other ESC brands out there, but never found any match for them. So we only had to find which models of HW would suit the car best.

So after lots of tests and comparing, we decided to go with Hobbywing Ezrun Max10 WP ESC that could easily handle even 4600KV motors in our tests. The standard motor for the car will be 3300KV, since we found it had enough power for everyones needs, but still keep the car easy to drive and it can take as much abuse as you can give it. :) Believe me, we did test it a lot! 


With great power unit, there must be a great steering Servo. That one was easy for us. Highest servos has never let us down and they have really good Metal Gear servos with decent price tags. First we tested some Metal gear, aluminium case servos, but they were also quite expensive, high end racing servos as they are. So we negotiated with Highest factory and they made us the same servos with Plastic case. That way the price was a little lower, but still with the servos are virtually unbreakable and powerfull. :) 

As for the radio, there would be about fifty chinese, cheap "good enough" brands with good price to choose from, but as we promised not to make shortcuts, we chose to use Sanwa MX-V radios. Japanese Sanwa is the most popular brand in racing radios around the world and their quality is just unbeatable. The radio itself also has really good amount of functions and a waterproof receiver to go with it. So it suits our car perfectly. 

And naturally, the car will come with 5000mAh Halko Lipo battery and easy charger. 

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