Testing the prototype

Been testing and beating and changing and shuffling the cars parts and components for quite some time and we think we have a quite good combo now. Naturally, we will do some small changes all the time, but the main concept should be there. 

We and our test drivers have been using and abusing the cars for hours and hours and no one has complained about the the car's performance or durability. So it's safe to say at this point, that we have a product that will fill all our requirements. Woo!!

The chassis is all reliable Hobao SCT-10, which has been on a market for some time now and we have took it a bit further from the stock, just to make even the small details even better. 

Car suits great for outdoors, indoors, woods, tarmac and just about everything you can come up with. It is easy to maintain and tune and we will have different kits for sale to make it even better on specific platforms. 

We have driven it on every surfaces we can find, with stock setup, and it handless very neutral and easily everywhere. Ok, maybe rock crawling is not it's thing. But with enough speed, it will get through. :D 

As being a standard SC chassis car, you can also go to races with it without any modifications, and the amount of 3rd party option parts, tires, bodys etc. is virtually limitless. 

I think we have a winner here. :) 

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