The concept

Ok, Time for some update on the project. 

I think it's a good time to speak about the concept and what's goes with it.

First of all, creating something simple as the name for the brand, seemed to be one of the hardest things yet. We had few ideas on the table, but none seem just right, some quite awful to be honest. Like "Wasp" :) 

Eventually we got some help from outside and got introduced with couple of ideas for the name of the brand, and just as important, names for the coming cars. 

Eventually we got presented with 3 different ideas and names for the brand. Idea was that the brand would actually be a character. 

  1. Kit Ryder
  2. Johnny Badass
  3. Jack Norris

We were not so impressed. :) 

So, back to the drawing board. 

To cut some lines to not bore you all to death, they eventually presented us with a brand called "The great Escape", which we actually liked. It was all about Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones theme. It was cool and resonated with our potential customers but not really a home run. But when discssing it we came up with the idea to shorten it to just ESCAPE and change the contents of the brand. 

Escape brings to mind all the great stuff that RC hobby brings with it. You can Escape your daily routines, you can Escape your competition on the track, you can escape your wife to the woods.. ;) 

We also thought hard about the names for the upcoming cars and eventually, we found them too. They will be named after some city's, villages or other places where races and other cool stuff happens. We also decided the name for our first car, but I'll save that for later. :)  

So now we have a name for the brand and cars with a working concept to connect them all.

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