Video shooting day

Our goals are high for the Escape cars, we want to bring in new people that will be excited about RC as a hobby and have loads of fun. To do this we will need to create awareness consideration and purchases. More hobbyists is great for everyone, the more the merrier.

One way of doing this is to create good videos that will get some attention and then we can let them know more. We wanted something that is professional grade but will not break the bank. Remember all of our costs are in the end paid by customers.

We decided to do some high quality short videos that we can effectively use on Social media and other places. We have never done anything like this so it was once a again a learning experience for me and Niko. At the same time we also used the opportunity and did some photo shooting for Halko brand and for EuroRC's hex driver.

We arrived at the studio in the morning with a huge bag of items. We quickly learned that photoshoots are boring. Two people had to setup the rotating pad, fix lightning with four different lights add some shades to get rid of unwanted reflections. Once they had the basic setup we started shooting. It took over 8h to get everything shot. With some tuning between items.

Our videos are created from ready made templates which decreases the cost, we had to create texts for these. Well Niko and me are not the most creative people but this time I think we made really nice texts. We used the material the professionals had made us earlier about the brand and modified it to work with the templates.

Once we sent in the texts, it took only one day for the company to finalize the edits and show us the creations. Next up is to get the adds rolling on Facebook.

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