Why did we start the project?

I have been an RC hobbyist for about two decades and for all that time I have always been wondering, why all RTR cars try to be done as cheap as possible. 

It is virtually impossible to find a good kit car with all needed parts, that you can just build and go racing/bashing in one package. 

Now that I have been selling RC-cars for over a decade myself too, I have noticed there should be a decent demand on high quality RC cars, that you can actually build yourself but you don't have to know what parts you need to buy with the kit to make it work. 

Also, there's always a good manual for the the KIT car about how to build it, but you never get a good manual for assembling the electrics and other stuff to make the car run properly. It takes a lot of work and time for a beginner to learn all the tricks and to know what goes with what. 

I also drive MX bikes for hobby and with them, you never need to buy the engine or wheels etc. separately, but you just buy a good bike that comes with a good, detailed manual and you can go and race with it! So why can't I have that with RC cars?

It's always a struggle for a beginner to choose between RTR and KIT cars, since many are afraid they can't build the KIT properly, but still want something better than RTR car. Something that would teach how the KIT works and is build, but easier than traditional racing kit.

So we decided to change all this and make a proper KIT car, that comes with everything you need in one box and with a good manual to install everything right at the first try. Even if you were a beginner. 

We will not make any shortcuts to get the price lower by installing cheaper components, we will make sure the car will have the right parts for the right job, for the right price that won't let you down. 



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