Why different versions

I think this blog sounds a bit more like advert than our usual posts, but we let it slide this time, since we really wanted to tell you about the differences of the upcoming different kits. 

Since our car has been made to be the best on it's class in the market, you might wonder, why are there 3 versions of the same platform? 

If your goal is to have ton's of fun cruisin' around the neighbourhood or local track, the normal version will get you covered and has everything you need.

Simply, there is never just one right answer for everyone. Buchanan has been build without making any cheap choices and to be the best first RC car you can dream of, but with keeping in mind the price too. But there are many who want even more and are willing to spend more for it. so we made the Premium and Racing Kits for them. 

If you want to bash around the back yard in the rain or snow, without compromises, faster than your friends, Premium kit is your obvious choice. 

Premium Kit includes Sanwa high end Radio with WP receiver and Hobbywing's tough and powerful ESC and motor, still Waterproof, but with more power than in the normal version of the Buchanan. The Steering servo has also been upgraded to Savöx Waterproof servo to make this car the ultimate bashing machine. Car has 2 batteries and a race spec charger for them. With this charger, you are able to charge the batteries faster and it also has some good features that the basic charger misses, like storage mode. Also, the Premium Kit car comes packed in an original Hudy pit bag, so you never need to upgrade that either. 

Racing version suits great for just what the name stands for. Racing. It is the best handling and fastest in the corners out of these three, but it is not Waterproof and it is more purpose build than the other two.

If you are more into tracks and racing, we also got you covered with the Racing version. It comes with Hobbywing Sensored ESC and Motor for even better handling. It has a Race spec Sanwa radio, that is used by the world champions, and high end racing servo from Highest. Along with Race spec charger and Lipo's. Including tools to tune up your chassis, and that Hudy Pit bag naturally. 


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