Why new brand

After we decided to make a proper, good RTR KIT, it was time to start thinking what would it actually need to have in it and how we want to introduce it.

Should it be sold as the brand of the car with just our own manuals and components kit and that way have a known name for it already and some loyal customers to the brand? Or should we take the bigger step and just make everything new from the scratch and build our own brand?

And being us, we decided to take the hard road. :) 

As we see it, we want a brand that people can always relay to, when they look for a premium RTR KIT car. And since there just ain't one around, why not be the first one? :) 

So now we have some ideas for the brand on the table and we will start thinking what we should call our brand in the future. It has not been easy to find a name. But I'm sure we will find one with our team... eventually. 







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